Cardiac Physiome 2019

Cardiac Physiome 2019 will be organized December 4-6 right on the bank of the river Meuse in the city center of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Its motto will be:

Lost in Translation?

By no means this motto is meant to be cynical. It serves to emphasize that, while Translation of Models into Clinical Environment is of clear interest, many important aspects of modeling may be missed if the progress in fundamental mechanistic modeling stops.

Cardiac Physiome 2019 will provide a platform for discussion on a wide spectrum of topics: from ‘how to improve mechanistic modeling using data from experimental measurements’ to, of course, ‘translation of models to the clinical situation’.

To that end, we program ample time for discussion after the oral presentations and long breaks. Moreover, we will start every day with a poster teaser session to stimulate active participation in every day’s final session of ‘social drinks and poster viewing’.

We’ll organize a total of 4 sessions. One session will deal with basic requirements to allow the use of models in clinical practice, whereas the three other sessions will focus on the use of models in heart failure, arrhythmia, and congenital heart disease. Each of the latter three sessions will start with keynote lectures presented by a duo consisting of a clinician/experimentalist and a modeler who will address the topic and share their experiences how they benefitted from each other. The remaining presentations of each session will be abstract-based.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Steven Niederer (King’s College London) and Gary Mirams (U Nottingham): How to Deal with Uncertainties in Clinical Translation of Models.
  • Jolanda v/d Velden (VUMC A’dam) and Theo Arts (Maastricht University): Sarcomere Contraction and Heart Failure: On The Development of Thoughts and Models.
  • Constanze Schmidt (U Heidelberg) and Gunnar Seemann (U Freiburg): Novel Anti-Arrhythmic Therapy Development: Joint Venture of a Cardiologist and a Modeler.
  • Tain-Yen Hsia (Yale University) and Andrew McCulloch (UCSD): It Takes Two To Tango: The Tale of a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon and a Bioengineer.

Local Organizing Committee

Tammo Delhaas, Jordi Heijman, Joost Lumens, Frits Prinzen