Keynote Speakers: Gary Mirams

Dr Gary Mirams
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Mathematical Medicine & Biology
University of Nottingham, UK

Dr. Gary Mirams is an applied mathematician working in the Centre for Mathematical Medicine & Biology at the University of Nottingham. His main research application areas are cardiac electrophysiology, ion channel modelling, and pharmaceutical compound interactions with these. He has research students, postdocs and collaborations working on statistical inference, mathematical modelling, experimental patch clamp work and software engineering. The team aims to improve the process of development of ion channel and action potential models, to create models with better predictive power and use them for drug safety evaluation. We are particularly interested in how to choose equations, parameterise them, how we might design experiments for doing this optimally, and making sure we have software tools for doing these things more reliably. Gary has been working with pharmaceutical companies to embed cardiac electrophysiology simulations into their safety testing pipelines, and has been providing input into the CiPA drug safety initiative ( To assist in these applications he also develops free open source software for cardiac safety pharmacology simulations ( Gary and his team are funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship.